Domination and Submission

These days there's no need to be shy about domination and submission. Look behind the curtain of the average UK household and it wouldn't be a massive surprise to find a submissive wife and her Master, or maybe a domineering Mistress and her trannied up hubby. British people have always been into pervy fun so there's no need to be ashamed if you have these interests. Of course, shame is precisely what some people are after so if you are, feel as shameful as you like!

BDSM sex is not necessarily super mucky, it's more about sensual interaction between two people. Submitting to a superior and giving total trusting control to them. Whether the man or the woman is subby, it's strangely addictive and once you get into it, vanilla sex withouth a bit of S&M can be very dull. Some people really get into it and become a collared submissive, and are owned 24 hours a day by their Master or Mistress. Oh yes, it might be seen as perverted or kinky but that's why we love it!

UK Mistresses

If you don't have a partner for BDSM fun, you can use the services of a professional. They tend to have their own dungeons, stuffed with all sorts of kinky BDSM equipment and you can have a fantastic time exploring your fetishes. Check out UK Mistresses or if you're further afield Max Fisch's famous domina guide.. For latex fetish phone sex chat and more, why not take a look at Mistress Tracey's phone domination lines, they're chock full of lovely BDSM fun.